Our Story

​Why Arbor Memorial? 

We know that celebrating a life is truly personal. The way you pay tribute is different for everyone. There is no one size fits all event. That’s where we come in. We help you create memorials, funerals and experiences that are a real reflection of your loved one. We listen, empathize, and provide emotional and practical support. 

We handle every aspect seamlessly, helping ease your burden during a time of loss.  You can rely on our breadth of services, our standards and our professional ethics.

The Leader in Compassion, Experience, and Comfort.

Compassion is who we are.

The compassionate service Windsor Chapel provides begins the moment our services are required. Our team pulls together to serve each family in such a caring and dignified way. We believe in building relationships and maintaining those relationships throughout the entire process of planning services and well after families require our care.

From the moment a family calls upon us, we reassure them that they’ve made the right call. We comfort them and take time to listen to what their wants are, but we also dig deeper to discover their needs as well.

We respectfully guide our families and make appropriate recommendations to truly honor and celebrate the unique life of each and every individual we have the privilege to serve.

At Windsor Chapel we strongly believe in building lasting relationships with our client families. We value the relationships formed that come from helping people in such a profound period of loss. Maintaining that connection means that we are always offering our support and making a point to follow up with families to support them long after the service has taken place.

We have the most dedicated, compassionate, and caring team in funeral service. We serve families with dignity, professionalism, respect and humility. We also serve one another, in the very same way, as we work together to make each and every service perfect. When most people think about compassionate care in funeral service, it almost always presents itself in the ceremony or the initial relationship that is built. What sets Windsor Chapel apart is the drive and compassion our team has for what they do; knowing that not one of us can do it alone. We rely on the support of one another on a day to day basis; caring compassionately for each other as we take care of bereaved, the lost, and the broken.

Experience is why we lead.

We are proud to share the Windsor Chapel story. We are the only family owned and operated funeral home in Windsor, and have been since 1904. Without our strong heritage and legacy in our community, Windsor Chapel would not be able to offer the high standard of service excellence to those we are so privileged to serve. We are grateful for the trust that our community has placed in us as the family business has been passed down through five generations of ownership.

Shaped by our vast history of tradition, Windsor Chapel is intentional when it comes to offering families the very best quality of service and products. We are committed to always seek opportunities to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new advancements, products, technology, and experiences.

While we are steeped in longevity and tradition, we certainly understand that we cannot rest on legacy alone. Windsor Chapel listens to the needs of our community, embracing the challenge of the ever-changing trends in funeral service. Our experience gives us the foundation and fundamentals of providing dignified service right. It is our innovation and growth that allows us to bring that experience to each new endeavor.

We proudly offer three beautiful and modern funeral homes located in Central Windsor, East Windsor, and South Windsor. Each of our locations are unique, yet it is our experience and expertise that remains constant no matter where we are.

What truly sets us apart is the Windsor Chapel experience. In funeral service there are many unique products to offer families; however, we believe that providing an exceptional experience is paramount to the loyal returning business of satisfied families, as well as, gaining the intetrest of new clients. Experience as a commodity knows no limitations. At the end of the day it is the unique experience, the exceptional customer service, and the caring and compassionate team of professionals that allow Windsor Chapel to maintain such a strong reputation in the community. The special way we build and maintain relationships and the progressive way we have been able to grow and provide for our community remains unmatched.

Comfort is what we provide.

Providing comfort to those who mourn is the most basic way we can care for someone. This is often where we begin to build those relationships with our families; the simple act of offering comfort and reassurance, taking a little piece of their burden away, even for a moment.

Windsor Chapel offers comfort in emotional and personal ways, but we also know that a comforting atmosphere and space is important to the families we serve. Each of our unique locations are open and welcoming, with spacious chapels and visitation suites, as well as more intimate suites to meet a wide variety of needs.

Windsor Chapel is proud to exclusively offer our one of a kind comfort suites. Each of our chapels have a comfort suite where families can say good bye to their loved one in a far less formal setting. The comfort suite is a hospice-like setting where families can choose to gather with their loved in a comfortable and dignified way. Our comfort suites have been a remarkable success, offering a personal and lasting experience for a final farewell. We have received wonderful feedback on how families appreciate the quiet and personal space. Our suites add a level of normalcy and comfort reflecting the way people are used to seeing their loved ones, resting comfortably in their bed.

Windsor Chapel also provides comfort to our community through our Heart & Soul Project. We offer a grief support program like no other. Our programs consist of one on one and group discussion programs, a grief support walking group, and many educational services and guest speakers, for continuing education programs for the many dedicated long-term care and health services workers of our community.

Windsor Chapel truly believes that people might not remember what we did or what we said , but they will always remember how we made them feel. Our goal is to make everyone we encounter feel as if they were a part of our very own family.